Thank you, thank you, thank you...a million times...thank you.
  • zendayaThank you, thank you, thank you...a million times...thank you.

  • bachirba1356love
  • mach90Good riddance
  • karly9422@savagegirl907 since when does the way someone looks affect their personality. Michelle Obama is a great role model for adults and children. And i think she's beautilful
  • itsskayyyla@savagegirl907 "all he did was lie and go on vacations" that's funny, because everything Obama said he'd do, he did. and also, Trump's what, 2-3 weeks into his presidency? guess what, he's on vacation too. not even doing his job.
  • marypaigerainesThank you for what? Ruining this country?
  • pufftotonGoals
  • daviamackenziegrosThanks for everything you do/and did for this nation.
  • redskins.countryL
  • lmfao, oBUMa was on vacation for like half his presidency using Americans tax dollars. You probably don't care about that cause your family lives of off welfare.
  • nice assumption, but my family actually doesn't live off of welfare. good try though.
  • drag0ns_4life👊🏼
  • itzyagirlbree@karly9422 Ur not gonna change my mind about her, lemme know when you get those wheels fixed and then we will talk, cause she ain't my role model😂 and Ima kid!
  • karly9422I don't freakin CARE if your a kid I just turned 13 yesterday. She doesn't have to be your role model (even though it doesn't make any sense). But what the hell??? you don't judge people by their looks. Do you have no sympathy, you don't make fun of people's looks. Because if I did that to you I'd have a LOT to say. But I won't because I have morality
  • karly9422@savagegirl907
  • im_too_lit_22@savagegirl907 Did we ask you EXACTLY we dont care for your oppinion
  • da_turtleNo
  • jamaler1349Awesome
  • marshal_air@hpdig
  • itsjosiehazelStop bulling her
  • aryonleshellFits bump cool
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