Ashanti took advantage of Sydney's heatwave on Monday as she happily soaked up the sun at Bondi Beach. #ashanti
  • kingramsesfresh1Ashanti took advantage of Sydney's heatwave on Monday as she happily soaked up the sun at Bondi Beach. #ashanti

  • rleshiaI nominate Ashanti to join the Money Team to workout w/ Floyd
  • kidwavy30@frankabagnale_ what is you gay or something homie?
  • thediaryoflynnSo she's doomed if she's natural and she's doomed if she go get plastic surgery .... smh
  • tymikajuliaYal are so consumed with fakeness that yal can't den appreciate something that's real and natural. I'd pick ashantis body with stretch marks and all over some * perfect* looking fake bitch
  • frankabagnale_@kidwavy30 FOH little kid. Go play with somebody your age. It was a joke. Now go do your homework before I call your moms.
  • kidwavy30@frankabagnale_ good job you insulted a high schooler for being in highschool... Don't change the fact that you a fag tho...
  • frankabagnale_@kidwavy30 Respect your elders kid. You might be working for me one day. I didn't insult you by the way. You called me a fag. I purposely didn't to teach your young ass a lesson. I don't get into arguments and internet beef. Calling a grown man a fag will do that. I'm too grown and too rich for that. Plus you'd never say that to me in person. Stay in school. ✊🏾
  • kidwavy30@frankabagnale_ I'm not the one who gets grossed out by women's asses, you are that's some faggot shit. Plain and simple go tell another nigga about how you was almost something back in the day old dusty nigga
  • kidwavy30@frankabagnale_ sit yo old ass down somewhere before this young nigga do yo I buy all my suits from Tyler perry a personal line looking ass like that nigga that rocked Bernard Hopkins old ass
  • frankabagnale_@kidwavy30 My man.
  • m1ch3ll3_brownFinally, a NATURAL body!
  • landrecummingsShe needs to tone down
  • southpaw6289Is she at public beach. All out of private beach Money 😳
  • tori_renee49Girl, you better work that body!💁
  • princessmeth@tori_renee49 no need
  • michealluv30Flat cakes
  • marjorieartistikmentkreaNatural body 🙌
  • ronelismoranNaturallllllll 👍
  • lavendarleadbeauty
  • leatherwallznice
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