• soulscriptsYesterday I grocery shopped, cleaned, made spaghetti, and I felt like a total champ. I danced around the kitchen as I told my husband, YES! I'M KICKING THE WIFE LIFE BUTT!
    Today? Well, today I managed to put on pants and brush my teeth. I stared at a big pile of laundry all day that I FINALLY just threw in the wash. It was as if it was reminding me how much of wife life's butt I totally did not kick. It's silly but significant because I know we all do that.
    Some days we accomplish a lot, check everything off the list, and dance around the kitchen to celebrate. Annnnd other days we barely manage to put on pants as we avoid the pile of dirty laundry in our life.
    I don't know what kind of day you've had, but I'd like to at least congratulate you for putting pants on and I'd like to also challenge you to stop staring at the laundry.
    Stop staring at that pile of stuff in your life that tells you you're not doing enough, being enough, or accomplishing enough. Stop defining your worth by what you do or don't check off the list and stop letting the smell get to your head. Throw that junk you've been letting rule you in the washing machine and let God cleanse it with His grace and renew it with His Spirit.
    Because you're worth the clean pants, the new life, He wants to give you. You've just gotta take the dirt to the cleaners. #soulscripts

  • shellayhay👌👏👍
  • c.h.i.n.w.e_Thank you @soulscripts. I stared at my laundry pile today too😭😰😲
  • 13lizzybyrdThose last few sentences>>>> you're golden (bc He is golden) thank you for everything you've done. You have no idea how happy your blogs and your posts make me.
  • lizhowe15Love this! ❤️ What highlighters do you use in your bible?!
  • getrealincYES GIRL 😍🙌🏼👏🏼
  • courtinstagrahamMy sis @heatheredhues
  • missemilybrooketSo needed to hear this today ❤
  • amiebooshwahPhew girl I needed this 🙌🏻 thank you!
  • lisab63Oh me!! Thank you for that! Well said! 😃
  • walkwithmedailyBeautifully said🙌🙌🙌
  • refine_and_restore@c.h.i.n.w.e_ lol ditto!! And STILL!
  • refine_and_restore@aubrizle amen girl! Amen!
  • refine_and_restore@rachacosta goodness me TOO! Anxiety stinks.
  • kelseyfowlie@emilymcbridee1
  • crystalguerrerotx@lifewithalejandra
  • amberleyjoyyy@heatherashhley
  • texanna@bethpanter
  • kerri.hurst@alwilkins_
  • rapunzellenGreat💟💪
  • kkelseylatelyI want a great journaling bible, do you have one you recommend?!
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