I'll never forget how God blessed us wit u and the family and we are sad ur gone but happy u were here Salute to the best pres and fam ever @barackobama and @michelleobama  I dnt knw what we are finna do now #2017 😟
  • reallilscrappyI'll never forget how God blessed us wit u and the family and we are sad ur gone but happy u were here Salute to the best pres and fam ever @barackobama and @michelleobama I dnt knw what we are finna do now #2017 😟

  • planet_rayne@nichaboo_01 i dont think she was mocking our Lord and Savior i think what she was saying was God did in fact do everything according to his will and his plan however the things Barak did was not Godly and i agree with her to an point and u being a christian u should understand aswell wether he agreed ir had no choice the fact that certain things have been implemented under him is enough
  • charliebaltimoremyalteregoAmerica loves you
  • planet_rayneAnd for the record we have not had peace we are in turmoil im waiting for our peace flint still have dirty water our black men are still being hunted chicago is in an uproar standing rock aleppo and the list goes on "peace" is not applied to one state or country but the world as a whole and we been in turmoil...im waiting for the peace but my peace comes from the Lord as long as i seek his face and his kingdom i will be just fine
  • worldpeaceprincessAmerica will be great again with Trump, don't be sad about Obama leaving. In fact Obama isn't his real name, it's #barrysoetoro with a incorrectly typed fake birth certificate. 2017 is going to be so much better without them #pizzagate #spiritcooking Bye Felicia πŸ”―
  • hotcandy1955I don't care what his name is he is the best president ever she's the best first lady ever they will be deeply missed
  • pellecchiellamontesommaMade my day
  • nichaboo_01@planet_rayne i understand what u saying i just did not like the way she was said it like Obama never did anything right and the way she mentioned God but i agree with u and u are right they isnot any peace i agree and we wilk have peace through the Lord 100%
  • digitalcartoonist@pellecchiellamontesomma @nichaboo_01 @worldpeaceprincess @planet_rayne you've been wanting to get your picture cartooned ??hit me up for inquiries and prices
  • adamsvedaMay God bless us President Obama and his family they served us for 8 years most beautiful people was in the white house
  • fa_le_sha_πŸ’―
  • envy_me_23How in the hell was he the best pres?? Did he free the slaves?? Did he help us gain independence?? Has he helped find a cure for any terminal illness?? Definitely a decent president. By no means a George bush, Richard nixon, or Andrew Jackson. But he's not even close to the best. Sorry
  • newbster82The best pic of them!!
  • chockies143Im sad to see him go.. 😣
  • yunicovacastroOverdrive!!!
  • aailaya_mcintyre@envy_me_23 stfu he better than Donald Trump
  • envy_me_23Nope
  • aailaya_mcintyre@envy_me_23 stfu u are not a African American so u are not to speak upon that and Obama opened a lot of opportunities for black people because of white people not liking black people so get your facts str8 u are now dismissedπŸ˜…πŸ˜£
  • envy_me_23@aailaya_mcintyre
  • envy_me_23I'm not allowed to speak on which president is better because I'm not black?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ well just to clear the air, I am in no way a racist, I have a mixed sister and niece. And I absolutely HATE racists. On that note tho, what has Obama done for blacks?? Police shootings are up, black on black murders are up, there is more racism in america now whites and blacks, then there has been in 100 years. You are gon a pull the trumps a racist card, explain how tho?? He's never been racist. He wants to send ILLEGAL immigrants back to mexico, but has no problem with legals
  • aailaya_mcintyre@envy_me_23 Obama got free insurance for blacks and Donald Trump is a racist soooo he may be helpful to u but not to blacks... 😣πŸ˜ͺ That's why Donald Trump is gonna die and Barack Obama is his real name good byyyee HATTEERRR
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