"Peculiar people day 
is here to celebrate 
the leaders of the strange and unusual, 
those who refuse to succumb to the world’s idea of what is normal and sane. 
They challenge the status quo and 
utterly rebuke the concept that that which is out of the ordinary is bad. 
Whether they simply dress in their own style, 
or have very clear ideas of what is right and normal, 
#peculiarpeopleday is their opportunity to shine.

We are all a little weird in our own special way and today we celebrate our collective weirdness.

What that one quirk you consistently display that makes others scratch their heads.

I'm always putting things in the wrong place: sugar in the fridge, eggs in the laundry room, keys in the bread basket...I can never find anything! Total absentmindedness!

I'm weird like that....😎 Feel free to share and tag a wierd creative.

Happy Tuesday everyone!
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