Smiling at my favorite human ❤ @alexikonn
  • mimiikonnSmiling at my favorite human ❤ @alexikonn

  • na_1415_h@mimiikonn I love you mimi your very beautiful I'm saudi girls 💋💋
  • angelika_sw@mimiikonn I love your personality. You are very kind and I like your positive vibes. I'm watching you in youtube and follow your instagram. I agree with you in much topics. Happy new year and much much love for You, Alex and Alexa! <3
  • ruchirhawkinsTrue inner Beauty
  • rachekitchingkramerYou are in Cape Town?!!!!! Its my home town, just saw your story!!!!
  • 1278mzWhere are u traveling Mimi ?
  • kelseyevelyn_xPretty ! 💋💋
  • ellaberkeley@mimiikonn I completely Understand. I am launching an ecommerce site that sells artisans goods from all over the world. My first country is Morocco and I have worked with artisans to design this line. I have a pretty large social media following. And I don't really follow many bloggers, however I have been following you for years and I can relate to no one more than you. I love traveling and food and working and exploring. I am paleo and I love meditation and I started this buissnes with my long time partner. He and I admire your success and all I am asking for is advice. On how to get in the right audience. I understand if you don't have the time to send an email. But any response or Instagram message would mean more to me than you could know. Thank you!!! Xo
  • dilechiccaBella @mimiikonn !! 😍😘
  • tgpoetVery inspiring and motivational family.... stay abundant😊
  • godlyannaOmg you are soo gorgeous!! 😭much love ❤
  • siennaabrown_760@jessejayyyxo this is Mimi's account. She's wearing the ombré chestnut in these
  • eldarova.e.gNe gundesen
  • ne1187you are so cute❤
  • nisa.mutallimovaEverything is OK 😍 but manicure is 👎
  • kalyan5937Osm
  • anaferniGuapa!! Beautiful!!
  • maysunshine9What a radiant smile! You are beautiful inside and out! @mimiikonn
  • purrplepeoniesAnyone would be so lucky to have someone smiling at them like this 😍
  • kiticaceresI have just followed you and I have seen loads of your videos on YouTube.good job👏😘 @mimiikonn
  • kubrakaranciVery beautiful 💕😇 @mimiikonn
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