Y Devendra Banhart anda suelto por Caracas. Si lo conocen o algo @laquintabart está activa para recibirlo si quiere hacer un show sorpresa.

Hablo en serio.


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while the city streets are marked by graffiti  that reads "Maduro Assesino" 
and the streets at night are eerily empty (safer to stay in) , life does go on here in Caracas, and hints of the culture that once thrived here (and may again someday) still remain... this Jean Arp masterpiece sits in the beautiful Universidad Central(an architectural masterpiece in its own right)....here to visit my family and try to find a venue to finally play a show..a todo los artistas en Venezuela, ni me puedo imaginar que difficil es ahora, sigue creando , practicando, y inventando...
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