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  • juliabausenhardtGood morning everyone! ☀️Today starts the #practicebasicstrokes calligraphy challenge. We’ll be looking at all the basic strokes you need to write beautiful letters.
    Learning these principles is especially important for modern calligraphy styles that don’t follow as many rules as classic styles so that you have a good foundation for your writing. We’ll have a look at those warmup strokes that every lower case letter can be constructed of.

    I’ll show one basic stroke exercise each day for the next 14 days and explain what’s important about it and how to write the stroke. Join me with the hashtag #practicebasicstrokes, and tag your #calligrafriends - it’s more fun together! ✍️✨ 1. full pressure stroke - downstroke & upstroke
    This is the most basic stroke at all, a simple straight downstroke and its companion, the upstroke. Always apply pressure on the downstroke and no pressure on the upstroke, that’s how the pointed nib works - otherwise you’ll push the pointy nib into the paper.
    Try to keep the stroke in a straight line and with squared-off edges - not like my shaky morning hand. 😉

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