• thesummeryumbrellaGuess what?! My NEW Exclusive Spring Sign Collection is coming out on 16 January. However, the pre-sell (which includes significantly lower pricing!!) will be available from 9-15 January. These beauties were created with my super talented friend Bonnie @goinghometoroost and will only be available for 1 month (or until my inventory runs out)!! Sign up now for all of the needed info. **The pre-sell will NOT be available on my Etsy page. The secret link to purchase will only be made available for subscribers. http://bit.ly/2017springsigns

  • babak.khodaNice
  • hmnealSigned up yesterday!! No email yet though
  • makingitinthemountainsSO beautiful! Wishing I could bring home one of everything!!! 😍
  • thesummeryumbrella@babak.khoda thank you so much!! 😘
  • thesummeryumbrella@hmneal oh no! What's your email? I'll check right now and see what's going on. P.S. Have you checked your spam/junk email? Sometimes email providers put it in there.
  • hmneal@thesummeryumbrella I checked junk folder this morning and it's empty. Hmneal@aol.com
  • hmneal@hmneal got it!!
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