• neuegalerienyGerman painter and printmaker Emil Nolde's "Priestesses" from 1912, an oil painting that captures two topless, barefoot performers bearing candles at center stage. Nolde, a member of the Dresden-based artist group Die Brücke (The Bridge), is best known for his intensely colored portraits, moody landscapes, scenes of urban nightlife, pictures of flowers, and biblical scenes. Nolde's deep interest in religious mysticism and primitivism would also infuse much of his work over the course of his life.⠀

    This painting and other important examples of early Expressionism are on view through Monday, January 16 in the exhibition "German Masterworks from the Neue Galerie New York." #emilnolde #priestess #neuegaleriemasterworks #closingsoon

  • mariabjorns😍😍😍
  • daphne.csenger2🔥😻😻😻😻😻❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥 I have no words to express what I feel for this painting and could not even find a post card of it.. it booms my heart🔥
  • piotr_i_pawel_cielatkowskiSuper 🔥🔥
  • daphne.csenger2🔥The colors the extreme pink amd the flame 🔥 on their palms is mesmerizing🔥 Love love love🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • jujubahamasI had the chance to visit his exhibition at Die Brücke Museum in Berlin last October, it's full of power and expression. If I where in NY right now, I'd definitely check this exhibition!! 💛💚
  • jujubahamas** If I were 😝
  • tineke08092 Beautiful women ❤️💛
  • anakaraprintsLove Nolde's prints.
  • elisabeth.niederdocklStunning: Nolde and this/his Artwork
  • kjbprinterI didn't know you had a Nolde!!! Any more than this one? #nolde
  • one_painting_a_dayLove it!! Check out my new painting posts you would like them 🍃✨
  • elijah503sm👌
  • nglungwai💛
  • ptosi_paintingThose Colors. True colors.
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