Push your style to the limits! See how to step out of your comfort zone at the link in bio.
  • stitchfixPush your style to the limits! See how to step out of your comfort zone at the link in bio.

  • mel.t12@tru_bell
  • munkee1I was getting ready to delete my stitch fix app and cancel since I've been disappointed for what seems to be many months... but then they waived my fee this month.. I'm happy that they seemed to understand I was done from my last post to them and I am giving it one LAST go. Wish me luck and good fashion stuff 😐😆
  • melissacloWhere is this top from? @stitchfix
  • stitchfix@heatherlyn_k We're sorry to hear you haven't been loving your Fixes. Would you kindly message our Client Experience Team at hello@stitchfix.com? We'd be happy to help!
  • stitchfix@figueroaboysmama We're sorry to hear about your experience thus far, Amanda. Would you kindly send our team another message at hello@stitchfix.com? We're committed to getting your Fixes right and would love to look into this further for you!
  • nicolewilsonhenderson❤️stitchfix customer service! They will work and work and work with you! Don't give up!
  • sisterhugs19Wearing a vest from Stitch Fix today and received many compliments and inquiries. ❤
  • evanderesch@figueroaboysmama have you sent a link to a Pinterest board with tagged ideas? My stylist TOTALLY uses this and my fixes are getting better and better!
  • stitchfix@munkee1 We hope that you find some great pieces in your Fix. Please let us know what you think!
  • jansopticalllcLOVE MY STITCH FIX!!
  • dtaube59Don't care for this particular outfit! 😕
  • sanderlinrMary Katherine nails my fix every time! I almost always buy everything!
  • stitchfix@melissaclo This plaid top is by Skies are Blue! You can let your Stylist know you'd love a similar style by mentioning it in your Fix Note for your next shipment.
  • the.mama.peach@stitchfix what is this jacket? Looks like the one I just got in my last box
  • hockeygirlnncLove this look!
  • kiyikiyicosmetics@stitchfix Any plans to make a Stitch Fix sport? I like that I can buy a Stitch Fix whenever I want and not pay a monthly fee. All the workout clothes boxes charge a monthly fee and that's not for me! Would love to see a Stitch Fix version 👍🏻
  • stitchfix@the.mama.peach The outer jacket is made by Ecru. Be sure to request it in your next Fix!
  • stitchfix@kiyikiyicosmetics We're always looking at new ways to expand our offering. We appreciate your feedback and will be sure to pass it along.
  • lexie__ann#stitchfix my style
  • jus_veraCan't wait to create fun things with you all @stitchfix 😘🤗
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