• pegfitzpatrickThe key to Instagram engagement is TIME. Visual storytelling and conversation starting combined with the right mix of when to post and what to post creates Instagram gold. ✨What's the one thing you need help with on Instagram?✨(leave a comment below)
    Read my latest #onmyblog for more! @tailwindapp kicked it up a notch and added Instagram to their platform! Tailwind for Instagram is an Instagram scheduling and analytics tool built on the same platform as Tailwind’s popular Pinterest marketing tool. Tailwind is my absolute go-to tool for Pinterest. I can’t wait to see how it supercharges my Instagram. 💯⭐️🦄 #blog #instagramtips #socialmediatips #artofsocial #linkinbio

  • thefocusonyouI loved Tailwind's tools for Pinterest!
  • pegfitzpatrick@thefocusonyou Then you're going to love @tailwindapp for Insta too!
  • pegfitzpatrick@vickiehowell It could help get more views to your important client projects or brand work. This way you can have multiple links live - not just one. @gallerymetrics might give you a free trial. 😃
  • g2socialmedia@pegfitzpatrick do you think content should be part of the image as text, or will including it in the caption be as effective?
  • pegfitzpatrick@g2socialmedia You can test it and see which posts do best. I put text on my blog posts and quotes - it's personal choice and check your stats. Give it a week or two one way and then try the other way to see what's best.
  • pegfitzpatrick@g2socialmedia If you're looking for clients, you might want to post something about it in the description of a post every once in awhile in a non-salesy way. 🤓
  • g2socialmedia@pegfitzpatrick got it! Will try it out. Thanks so much 😊
  • mollymarshallmarketingI'm excited about Tailwind too!
  • pegfitzpatrick@g2socialmedia You're welcome!
  • sociallysavvyvaThanks for the recommendation! Now to figure out what I'm going to post. 😊
  • themissnicolinaI love @tailwindapp too and use it for Pinterest. Still finding my way with Instagram 😊
  • samanthasavoiaIt's so so true!!! it's truly a tad time consuming, but so worth it..... I need help figuring out my "theme" I change my mind about it so many times 🙄
  • emmabpresents@pegfitzpatrick I love your work thank you for sharing. Do you believe B2B service companies should be using IG to generate leads? Love your thoughts 🦄
  • pegfitzpatrick@samanthasavoia It's hard to nail down the theme. It's a work in progress 😀
  • pegfitzpatrick@mollymarshallmarketing Yes!! 🖐🏻🖐🏻
  • pegfitzpatrick@emmabpresents I don't feel social media is ever a "should." You have to look the company, figure out your target audience, and find which social media platforms will reach them. If the B2B company is using Instagram, then they should be gathering leads and building brand awareness.
  • mumpreneur_samanthaMajestic!
  • trufflesocial🙌
  • sydneybrunchcrawler@pegfitzpatrick We look forward to reading your much anticipated book 👍🏻 Big love from 🇦🇺
  • philomena_hughesNeed help with making the transition from fun travel pics to everyday life and not loose the attention gathered on trips..as there is the next trip but the beauty of sharing my hometown with others.
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