What has been your favorite meal so far on the #21DSD?
Comment below and share your favorite! 🍏🥒🍗🍳🥑-April
#meatveggiesfat #sugardetox #favoritemeal #nosugar #realfood
  • 21daysugardetoxWhat has been your favorite meal so far on the #21DSD?
    Comment below and share your favorite! 🍏🥒🍗🍳🥑-April
    #meatveggiesfat #sugardetox #favoritemeal #nosugar #realfood

  • christinamarie782Meal - is a tie between the buffalo chicken egg cups for breakfast and the beef and bacon pie, both of which I'm going to keep in our family's meal rotation.
  • johannareierGrilled cinnamon pork chops with bacon fat!
  • christinamarie782Snack - the kale chips, so addicting. I find myself wishing I was actually hungry so I'd have an excuse to eat them. I'm going to have to start working them into meals, lol. I am going 5+ hours between meals with no snacking and I'm not getting hungry! It's amazing.
  • capersawayI made a savory Dutch Baby Pancake with prosciutto and green apple this weekend... It was fabulous!!!
  • cedar_sisterThe chicken tenders are unbelievable 🙌🏽
  • vicki_bannonI love the Mediterranean Chicken 🙌🏼
  • mahraySomeone posted green apples: half cinnamon, half chili powder, with almond butter and it was EVERYTHING! 🍏🍏🍏
  • mahraylol I thought you said snack
  • leelee090603Asian meatballs
  • healthy_freedom21Spaghetti squash bolognese! It's so rich and delicious.
  • margaretkammer@christinamarie782 I've noticed that too! Either my appetite is lower, or I'm actually just eating when I'm hungry instead of when I have a craving...Hoping it's the latter!
  • project_cavemomSalted Nuts and the "not sweet cinnamon cookies" but with chopped pecans, toasted and smothered in grassfed butter
  • essaleaAsian meatballs!
  • cajocolabryParsnip and green onion stuffed chicken thighs
  • aprilsuzanneMexi meatloaf! It was just amazing! Totally worth the prep time!
  • 21daysugardetox@mahray Snack or meal! 😁 -April
  • caroangerSo far the sheppards pie! I made it with duck! Very delish.
  • sweetlavenderbakeshoppe@giducky14 this is the official account
  • lgaro1Carrot pumpkin muffins!
  • giducky14@itschristinamain thank you!
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