• soulscriptsI'm going to be really honest about my events / life because there's this unsaid pressure to be inspiring and put together on a stage.
    One of my favorite things is leaving the podium. Getting off the thing that dares me to be someone I'm not. And just hug people. Hear people. Give someone else the mic and let them be heard. That's friendship. That's where chains get broken -- not others' chains...my chains.
    Because I do it, too. I walk out my front door and present a stage side of me - the side I want the world to see. That stage pressure that exists on stage exists in our day to day, in our social media profiles, in the leadership roles we have, and even in our faith. Because the enemy is sneaky.
    So I just dare you to hop of the stage and hug someone. They're no better than you. You're no better than them. (Romans 3:23)
    Jan 25 - Georgia Southern U (open to all!)
    Jan 26 - Georgia College
    Feb 8 - Ole Miss
    Feb 19 - She is Mighty w/ @kristenedimarco (Ada, OK)
    Feb 22 - Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY
    March 2 - University of Wisconsin, Madison
    March 4 - Ladies 1st Conf, Sioux Falls, SD
    March 9 - University of California Berkeley
    March 24 - Florence, SC
    March 25 - Anderson University, SC
    March 31 - Young Women of Influence Conf - Pittsburgh
    April 1 - Young Women of Influence Conf - Pittsburgh
    April 8 - Western Kentucky University
    #soulscripts 📷:@the_workmanship

  • micky_d99@emmamorris1998 SHE'S GONNA BE AT ANDERSON!!!
  • emmamorris1998@micky_d99 that's awesome girl!!!!
  • kendra.thorstenson@janathorstenson @haleyglanzer
  • carolabelleauAre there tickets? Free events? How do we find out more. I'd love to be able to send my daughters to the one in Berkeley!
  • lilysombkeMN PLEASE 😭😭😭
  • katelynlatture@kaitlynoliviia @kinsholland AHHHH! WKU!!!
  • jgchapman3Is it open only to college aged girls? My eleventh and twelfth grade small group girls were hoping to come to GA Southern if they were old enough 💙
  • melanieleceaHere is her other one @jennaspangrud
  • kinshollandWE HAVE TO GO!!!! @katelynlatture
  • kara.barnettIn our church magazine (southeast Christian in KY) it said the event was for middle + high schoolers and their moms! Will there be something for college aged girls there or anywhere in Louisville?
  • rachiiebabyy@soulscripts I had such an amazing time! It was surreal meeting you, you've impacted my life more than you know and I'm so grateful to have met sisters on the same beautiful journey ❤️ thank you Jordan!
  • loren_nicole97the ole miss speaking, is it feb 7 or 8?
  • emmalee.collard@soulscripts waiting for the day that God blesses and gives you the opportunity to travel to Australia to talk and empower us girls/women 'down-under' xx
  • kwagstaff_Hopefully so!! @melissa_alain
  • savodum@sarahlambert7 no registration necessary!! It'll be at 7:00 that night!! Tell everyone you know to come!
  • savodum@sarahsingley and it's open to all college gals!
  • savodum@rebeccaaaa_mc yes!
  • savodum@annacatherinee23 just any college gals!
  • songbirdbluThis is the girl I was telling you about at HC @jp1612
  • divadaviebabyyNone in Texas 😫😫😫 @soulscripts
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