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  • laurengleisbergTag a friend for leg day! Serving glutes on toastπŸ‘πŸž aka toasted glutes! I suggest 3-4 rounds of this depending on how toasted you like itπŸ˜‰
    #LGAccountability #LGSisters

  • emmamazukina@michelaferrulo
  • jfitnessfireGlutes on Toast. ❀❀ So cute. 😁
  • reesespbcupCan't wait to try this! Love the outfit
  • m_i_n_d_y_lgsister_in_atx@jenn_lgsister & @deester72 let's do this on Wednesday
  • mrsridder15Where are your leggings from? Love that color!!!
  • becki_biceps_vs_brownies@healthysar_fitjourney there's always room in my life for a new glute wkout!πŸ˜†
  • healthysar_fitjourney@becki_biceps_vs_brownies on like donkey kong
  • laurynkristynI love this! What weight is the bar you're using?
  • erintornelloWas this supposed to be today's workout?
  • laurengleisberg@erintornello yep😊 the video and workout summary is also on the blog!
  • laurengleisberg@becsbalancingact good question! It's a variation of a typical squat known as a box squat...it helps you really sit back into the movement (without fear of falling back bc there is a box) and you can focus on popping up and squeezing the glutes as you can kind of see in the motion I take with each rep😊😘
  • laurengleisberg@caseey_j absolutely! You can always increase the number of reps to rev up the intensity just be sure you're doing "enough" to push yourself (whether it's added weight or reps :)
  • erintornello@laurengleisberg thanks! Looking forward to it tonight πŸ’ͺ🏻
  • tiu.jenniferI did 4 and my toast is burnt. πŸžπŸ˜‚
  • doughnuts_and_dumbellsCan't wait to do this later!!!!
  • elisamatenaer@laurengleisberg hey girl, is there a reason you only lift like 5-10 lbs when you do the seat squats (or a lot/any of the exercises you video/post)?? I do this sometimes but never feel the burn unless it's like 20-30 lbs. Is it just for the sake of the video(s) - to show proper form and function, etc. - or do you really actually just use those baby weights to make such gains!??? It seems so confusing/often feels like a waste of time when I do it myself. You look amazing as ever though! (PS this may have come off sounding slightly insulting...but I really am just curious!). We all know you can lift heavy/heavier! πŸ™ƒπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‹ can't wait for baby gender reveal!!!
  • caseey_jCan I do this step thing with a resistance band??? Or will I get tangled up?!?
  • caseey_j@elisamatenaer hey girl I read your comment and sometimes wonder the same thing, I just assume they do a lot more reps than if we were to do a heavier weight/shorter reps
  • laurengleisberg@elisamatenaer @caseey_j good question! I think with the weight of the bar and added weight, it's around 25-ish lbs that I'm doing in this vid. If I were doing my typical training, it would be 40lb + but now that I'm pregnant, I have to modify and lower the weight.
  • laurengleisberg@caseey_j I'm not exactly sure how the band would work?! You could maybe loop it under a really heavy bench and hold the handles as you step up. I wouldn't suggest a band...Dumbbells or a barbell would be a better option
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