I hate the cold! It was 0F (-18C this morning). #ChrisFix #Frozen #GT #Mustang #Ice #Snow #driftstang
  • chrisfixitI hate the cold! It was 0F (-18C this morning). #ChrisFix #Frozen #GT #Mustang #Ice #Snow #driftstang

  • jeffd1988Dang
  • bm350boxerBut now you can drift on the Street whit out wearing out your tires 😁
  • automafiaracingMe too all my mustangs are buried!!
  • pavel_liptakIs all this dirt bad for your paint? Because I dont think you can clean your car at -20 °C 😂 (would love to know, because mine is dirty af) also, how to treat and maintain your car in the winter would be a cool idea for a video
  • turnbull1783I'm ready for Florida keys
  • scooterprint@chrisfixit Do you know a good way to keep your wiper fluid from freezing? Or at least a good way to keep your windshield clean from road grime?
  • sk83r777@chrisfixit I had to change my battery due to the cold...do I need to add water to my new battery?
  • jmstraubgamer@chrisfixit do you know a good way to patch a convertible top on an 02 sn95?
  • matthiassukkauCome to Canada😂 @chrisfixit
  • sebastianmoya14@chrisfixit It's dirty you ruined your own car
  • freshscottTim Fordice
  • kungkrabbabassewe had -42 celcius in sweden a couple of days ago. dont complain . Lol :)
  • corkincsYou could always do a video about a standard e brake
  • corkincsHow they work, how to bring the clamping power back without having to pull it all the way up
  • sport_car_owner2017The drift stang
  • _hayk.o_@chrisfixit looks like your wax didn't hold up too well😬 I would recommend a clay and sealant again💪
  • the_real_hardamanThe average temp in my city is lower than -25C
  • themcchannelytWe own a 2016 Jeep Wrangler 4X4, we bought where we live (the north, yay.) Does every car you buy in the north have a heavy duty battery? Also, the battery form my mom's car has not died yet, even tho the battery is from the south ;)
  • 4daloveofcarsHate when it's dirty but you can get wash It!
  • rezfez23Hate when itz cold but u need tu wash ur 🚗 car
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