• helprefugeesukThe conditions people are living in in Greece today could cost lives. People have been stranded on these islands for months. In July when we had the warm summer nights to lean on it was almost laughable that the Greek asylum phone line for relocation registration was being manned by one women. ONE. We joked it could get no worse. There is no laughter anymore.
    The lack of will, the lack of work, it will cost lives.
    We are pleading with the states, large organisations, international agencies to reassess their bureaucratic procedures and spend money where it’s needed. In 2015 UNHCR’s total expenditure for Europe was $243,742,706.00
    Yet there is LESS infrastructure to support refugees within Moria’s detention centre than there was in November 2015 when the area was supported by grassroots organisations.
    (grassroots organisations were forced out of Moria, Lesvos once contracts were agreed between INGOs and the state.)
    People are freezing to death.
    Together with our partners RefuAid and incredible volunteers we have devolped a project design that, if fully supported could house people for less than €4 per day. In HOMES.
    4 Euros. The price of a coffee. A magazine. A HOME.
    That is what it will cost to take a family from these horrific conditions and give them a place to stay that is warm, private and safe. Allow parents to protect their children.
    We can not achieve this without collaboration. If we work together. We can house people who are so urgently in need.
    With love, compassion and determination. We have to collectively insure people are warm, fed and sheltered. And we can if we work together.

    To donate please visit www.helprefugees.org.uk (link in bio) thank you x

  • catfishshoeyogaWhere can we each pay our €4 contribution please? 💖
  • dollsofhopeAmazing what individuals can accomplish when they have a common goal. I pray this project design can be implemented❤️❤️
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  • helprefugeesuk@catfishshoeyoga thanks so much you can donate at www.helprefugees.org.uk
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