I’m so excited to share something new that I created - to help you make this a truly beautiful year. It’s all about doing less, but better. 
Everyday we walk into the bathroom, look in the mirror and start the process of getting ready. We drag out the face wash, the serums, the pimple zappers, the daytime moisturisers, the under-eye creams, over-eye creams… 
You can feel the overwhelm, right? 
It’s not designed to be an empowering experience for you.

But what if it was? How different would you feel to have a skincare routine that’s simple and uncluttered, that speaks about self-love and leaves you feeling totally refreshed? You might just charge into the day feeling completely different... like you can do anything! 
The things that we surround ourselves with every day have the power to affect how we feel. And so I thought why not take an established daily routine - and turn it into something special.

So today I’m thrilled to announce my (free) 5 day challenge to break bad skincare habits & learn the secrets to effortless, effective natural skincare.

It’s called Fresh Start and it begins this Sunday. I hope you’ll join me! ( link in my bio: @littlegreendot )
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