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  • headspaceDeciding what to eat (and not to eat) starts with your head. Tap the link in our bio to kick 2017 off with mindful eating habits.

  • sawyerllandarIf I could afford it. Continue to make products for the wealthy, they are the ones who need em.
  • sawyerllandarIt is a good product though.
  • fitmindcoaching👍 awareness of the choices we make
  • thelore_ax@reginavargas
  • chloepaulsenWas really excited about this app. Got in bed after a long but productive day and was about to begin, but no you have to pay for it 😐 where's the purpose people
  • janerobertsonyoga@sawyerllandar meditation doesn't need to cost anything. There are loads of free guided ones on YouTube. Or better still, do it alone. Simply sit in a seated position and imagine breathing in and out from your eyebrow centre. Natural breath. If you drift into thinking, just start again
  • femmehq💚
  • omega2alphafitnessHeroic!
  • pallavi_naveen07@ojasnakil
  • _i_am_lucas_Ugh I hate when that happens 🙄
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