• brazilianblowoutLara C Kay at Studio Kay salon in Glendale slaying as always 🙌#Repost @larackay with @repostapp
    ▪️Brazilian Blowout done by me #LaraCkay▪️
    Safe to say, an amino acid smoothing treatment that works, is reliable and improves the condition of your hair😻let's admit it, #FrizzisaBitch , and who wouldn't want healthy, shiny, frizz-free hair? @brazilianblowout is my go to solution! DM me for special prices all month long ❤️( if your hair has gotten dry or brittle due to the Brazilian blow out; it is not done the proper way) please be sure to make an appointment with someone who follows the instructions ❤️

  • larackay😘😘
  • alfredo_lewisGorgeous!!!!!!!
  • sali.viaThat's me !!😂 amazing job
  • miriam_nabilI got this treatment a week ago, this is my second time. The first time it lasted one month is that normal? Knowing that i use the Brazilian blowout shampoo, conditioner and mask. How long should it last. I love the results i just want to know and if i decide to do it every 2 or 3 month will that damage my hair in anyway?
  • leimami@its_rochaa11 look at this stuff
  • axtxnxa_187er@aktiver_spieler
  • nurse_melanieYeaaaa but does it last?
  • fatmaslama12C ou ?
  • brazilianblowout@miriam_nabil Sorry your Brazilian Blowout didn't last as long as you hoped. Yes, it can happen depending if your lifestyle changed and weather. Brazilian Blowout will not damage your hair it will actually improve the condition of your hair over time.
  • brazilianblowout@nurse_melanie yes, it lasts up to 12 weeks.
  • brazilianblowout@fatmaslama12 Hi, how can we help you?
  • fatmaslama12Where is the center ?
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