New Year. New week. Let’s go. #MotivationMonday 📷 @rss_photography
  • unitedNew Year. New week. Let’s go. #MotivationMonday 📷 @rss_photography

  • united@leoclarepark Thank you very much, Leoni. We wish the same for you. ^AH
  • epicsavageFigured you out! Event at Saks NYC 5th ave! Just saw the windows!!
  • hapafamAny English speaking reps for cargo in Japan and phone # please
  • superiorvacyycCheers :D
  • adrianrealtor👍
  • soulnighteventsCheck out
  • tooktookmePretty awesome
  • united@jamieeliz11 Jamie, what makes you say this? Please reach out on Facebook or Twitter so we can help. ^AD
  • tatyanamartyshinaBeautiful liner
  • united@tatyanamartyshina Agreed. Hope to see you on board soon. ^NM
  • elprincipitotravelEsta es tu oportunidad para viajar y concoer.... Te tenemos los mejores paquetes!!
  • ainahainamamaUse to be nice to be a 1K, not so much anymore!! Two weeks in a row that I've bought a 1st class ticket, chose 4th row, won't do that again!!! If you're a GS or 1K sit in rows 1 or 2 because by the time they get to rows 3/4, no selection of meal left!! Might as well been at the back of the plane. Come on UAL!!! You ask for loyalty it'd be nice to get some from UAL as well!!
  • arajhiNice
  • davidcenaffraHappy 2017! Wishing you a great year. - David #nyc
  • united@davidcenaffra Thanks, David. Happy New Year to you as well! Come fly the friendly skies with us sometime soon. ^EH
  • georgiamasgras#MotivationMonday working on my lost bag claim with @united -- not that they care any more than they have so far. #united #ruined #christmas
  • lilaussie_Did you guys ever receive my email , still yet to get a reply, I sent it to your marketing email
  • caijforniaDOG
  • caijforniaKILLER
  • milliannabramsThey delayed my flight, put me on standby for a next day flight and charged me $50 without telling me since all they had open was a premium seat which I had already paid for on the cancelled flight. Screw you and charge you for their mistake.
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