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  • shaeirvingFreight & snow #amtrak #empirebuilder #thenationalmag

  • mariafalveyI hear there are naturalists or park rangers aboard the Empire Builder - is that year round?
  • shaeirving@mariafalvey They're only on the trains in the summer. You see the most country on the eastbound trip in summertime. Westbound, more of the scenic places are in the dark -- especially in winter. But boy, heading toward Portland through the Columbia River Gorge was stunning!
  • mariafalveyI use Amtrak to travel north to Vancouver and south to Portland but haven't headed east by train. Might check try that in early autumn. Does the Empire Builder leave directly from Seattle, or does it leave from Portland?
  • shaeirving@mariafalvey Both! It leaves from both cities and becomes one train in Spokane. So coming east from Chicago, I took the spur that goes from Spokane to Portland then transferred to the Starlight come south to California. I bet early autumn will be gorgeous!
  • mariafalveyGood to know cause online it keeps sending me to Portland, then changing trains and going up to Spokane. Maybe they're trying to stay out of the Cascade mountains.
  • shaeirving@mariafalvey Interesting. I know the westbound train splits at Spokane and half goes to Seattle (with the dining car!) while the other half goes to Portland. I wonder whether they do it differently for the eastbound route?
  • mariafalveyI think this mystery can only be solved by making the trip @shaeirving 😸
  • shaeirving@mariafalvey 👍
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