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  • arjoatayde(1/2) It's been a journey...of love, laughter, drama, comedy, and friendship. Benny has personally been one of my favorite characters on Probinsyano and will remain to be till the end. The first time I had a scene with Benny was hard for me because of the way he delivered his lines...it was just so real. His character was a good contrast of mine...full of happiness while mine was angsty. And well, beyond the cameras, I got very close to Pepe that ending his journey on the show, our last scene together, was the hardest for me to do because it was hard to act angry at someone who has easily become not only one of my best friends but my brother. Benny was a happy-go-lucky type of person, one who knew the meaning of camaraderie, and the value of family. I'll have you know that Mr. Pepe Herrera, my brother and best friend, is just the same in real life. I'll never forget the time we talked once and we were talking about how FPJ's Ang Probinsyano helped both our careers and that thanking them or showing them gratitude will never be enough. @pepe.herrera (1/2)

  • joke_xooWill miss you so fucking much💙
  • audreyabs15@valvader
  • rghee02Ang pagkamatay ni benny @pepe.herrera ay prang pagkamatay ni klilyn na syang gumalit ng husto kay son gohan..at ngaun galit na galit n c cardo kaya humanda k joaquin @arjoatayde dhil lintik lang ang walang ganti at mata lang ang walang latay..😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • barbie.pascualLagot k sken joaquin matapos m ippatay c benny I ppist m s instagram??? Ano toh?
  • jayeloprearjoatayde hanggang ngayon umiiyak anak ko sa pagkamatay ni benie,Masama kang Tao sabi nya magpupulis din raw sya at uunahin ka nya barilin.
  • khryzhie_011482Haha ang cute ni benny...love dis video
  • carlikotAwww... 😭😭😭
  • earthtochie@youngporkming
  • danieljacildoHuhuuuu @giaarsolon
  • amuraoeYou are one in a million benny..we will miss you...
  • feicollezione👈👈👈follow our IG for korean, japanese, and european apparels 😊
  • jeygabinete@ilovenecia
  • starmagic_janice
  • tuna_flakes@arjoatayde kasalanan mo ang lahat! Nakakainis ka! Rawr
  • beycapinoSuch a sweet friend, @arjoatayde 💓
  • rina_judeAng galing mo Arjo pero minsan nakakainis din ang character mo sa AP
  • neddiegardeWell we know is not easy to act angry man in your character but you did well mr @arjoatayde that ay Galit kami Sayo SA FPJ hanggang matapos Yan pero KY Joaquin kami Galit HND Sayo hahaha
  • ndzfloranza@beycapino hahaha. Crush mo?
  • ndzfloranza@barbie.pascual hahahahahahaua
  • beycapinogaguuu hahaha @ndzfloranza , si arjo crush ko hahaha 😍😍😍
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