First salon visit of the year. Are you due?
  • denisedtFirst salon visit of the year. Are you due?

  • emmadrewbizNice. So would you give a bigger tip in Jan than Dec? ;)
  • gayneteI couldn't help but giggle at this pic. Cute! Hello my Aussie friend!😊
  • rachelredlawNo! I arranged with my hairdresser to pay her a monthly amount and she does my hair whenever it needs it and whatever we want ... it's every five weeks right now but I love having it budgeted instead of hugely fluctuating :) x
  • denisedt@emmadrewbiz we don't really tip hairdressers in Australia, it's not a thing!
  • denisedt@rachelredlaw interesting!! Cool business model!
  • gaijinhousewifeI love you are brave enough to post your hair salon pic!! Go you!
  • patricia_l_longmanTime for a trim...but no colour...last year I finally accepted the white hair that has fought to be seen! Instead of covering it, I let it grow in and now have a natural ombré effect as my blonde grows out and the white shines through! ✨🦋✨
  • thegoldengooseauGoing this afternoon!!! 🙋🏽
  • sexosophyWent yesterday! Feeling fresssh
  • financialsforcreativesThursday 🙌🏻 Am thinking of adding some wild color this time. Love the photo.
  • coach.randiYes! Went earlier today 💇
  • elvypilatesbewellI'm way over do! Love the pic 😍
  • mrsdaggyDue in two weeks. Currently touching up my roots with mascara! 💁🏻
  • pixiecurioVery due. ✨ making pampering a priority in 2017 and eeeee very very overdue! I let my silver grow in last year and it's time for a better shape!
  • ishtardanceofficialWent yesterday and always work whilst there although they haven't got space for my laptop. Have hair salon envy! ;-)
  • rock_star_wellness@patricia_l_longman I did the same thing almost three years ago. Now I have all silver with two white stripes. I get more compliments now than I did when I was coloring it!
  • greeneearthOMGawd...😜
  • jenniekormsonOVERDUE!
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