• dineanddishToday's 365 Days to Rock Your Happy Prompt --> Give a compliment. Giving a genuine compliment to someone can really turn their day around as well as make you happy. 🌞
    So I'm feeling so overwhelmed right now...it's just one of those weeks where everything feels like it's closing in on me and I have SO much to get done and so many places to be. However, I had committed to volunteering at the food kitchen I love so much today and I'm so glad I did. While there I gave out a lot of compliments - it's interesting how people who have the least seem to appreciate words the most, isn't it? 🌞
    I came home and thought about the note we received a couple weeks ago complimenting our lit up tree in our backyard. That compliment meant so much...so I decided I'd write a couple notes to people I've seen around town (strangers) who I notice doing good things, being positive influences, or always just giving me a smile when I need it.
    How about you? How did complimenting others go for you today? 🌞
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  • denise_woodwardI love these note cards!!! Where did you find them?
  • dineanddish@Denise_woodward They were a sweet surprise gift from @TriedandTasty Aren't they the best?
  • katcheauI love bikes!💞🚴‍♀️
  • randomwriggleyThat's so awesome!
  • triedandtasty@dineanddish the cards are so you!!!
  • margaret1254I have a very suspicious mammogram that will get figured out this week. Surprises have different meanings...
  • talbertgirlSimple text messages to both my boys, three times today ... told them I am their #1 fan. I got two hugs out of the deal 💙💙 #Score #RockyourHappy #Love
  • talbertgirl@margaret1254 Prayers for you!
  • heppssaltNice post!
  • eric.filmsCool!
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