• larabarWhat are your top 3 favorite flavors? #LARABAR
    Photo by @thekalegirl

  • sweepcaloriesnice press on the link in my bio if you want to lose weight
  • sarr.uhhLemon bar, coconut cream pie, apple pie
  • theveganjungleCarrot cake, and those seasonal flavors you released over the holidays-a pumpin spice, a gingerbread, and another-can't remember-I ate them all! 💕💕💕
  • _lisa_macJust had a coconut chocolate chip for the first time. Super good!
  • audreyroloffMmmmmmmm
  • christinalinh@lisabkenney we need the coconut one!!!!!
  • victoriouslyjoyCoconut cream pie, Apple pie, pecan pie
  • emilytalleyDo you sell @larabar in Norway?! If not, PLEASEEEEE. I'll help! I'm an American living abroad and these amazing delicious creations are the only things I miss (aside from my family of course, don't mention this to them). 👌🏼
  • elleisalwayshereLooks absolutely delicious. Would love to feature @larabar
  • fibiandclo👍
  • veggiegalll🌴🌴🌴
  • nataliesojYes please!
  • kabkitchenDefinitely pecan pie, cashew cookie, and banana bread 😍😍 but I love them all!
  • larabar@emilytalley we're only available in the US and Canada at this time. But you could try ordering LÄRABARS from www.iherb.com - they have international shipping. Hope this helps and you enjoy your stay in Norway!
  • slamitfitness@larabar Key Lime Pie is the best! Cashew Cookie and and Apple Pie, but if I can find Carrot Cake I bet it will knock Apple Pie out of top 3.
  • tufgrrlcoPEANUT BUTTER CHOCOLATE CHIP got me like 🤤
  • tiuerinLemon. PB. PB&J.
  • bikemom_54Pecan Pie, Pecan Pie, Pecan Pie.
  • courtneyjamie@larabar snickerdoodle is my favorite! I wish it wasn't just a seasonal flavor. I can't find them anywhere now & it makes me so sad! #snickerdoodlelove
  • janaeelizabethturnerBlueberry muffin, peanut butter & jelly and snickerdoodle!!! 😋
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