The priest at church shared this quote during his sermon this week. His message was simple -- either you're in alignment with your purpose (of what God's vision is for you) or you're not. And if you are in alignment, you're living. If you're out of alignment, or off purpose, you're dying (because you're doing what you were meant to do). If you're not Christian the message is the same - if you're doing something other than what you're meant to do, you're wasting your precious time here. I am so happy that I quit my job as a lawyer, even though it was a 50% pay cut and I had massive student loan debt. The adventure that I've been on to learn about money and create a business through my blog has far exceeded my wildest dreams. And it's just getting started. If you're climbing the wrong ladder, this is a little inspiration to quit and get on the right one. {A little food for thought to get you going this morning.} πŸ™ŒπŸ»
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