The definition of class
  • dianekrugerThe definition of class

  • nemo1888She stood and applauded Roman Polanski a child rapist..... if that's your definition of class Diane then I suggest you get psychiatric help PDQ !
  • anjakaczurStupid woman!
  • elucas8She's an idiot
  • terrrybleShe made fun of so many people!
  • b_jud@virginbandit like Donald would? Hahaha
  • maria_solesThe most overrated actress
  • virginbandit@b_jud Yeah He employs people moron, this bitch doesn't do squat and is upset about the disabled? She doesn't give a freaking dime to the disabled charities you moron. Get a clue loser
  • b_jud@virginbandit Tell 'em why you mad!
  • b_jud@virginbandit Nah but really, point still stands, like Donald knows shit about Main Street? He was born into riches and lives in a gold-plated apartment complete with a stuffed tiger. Give me a break.
  • virginbandit@b_jud Nah point still stands, Trump won the Presidency BECAUSE of Main Street and the rejection of the Hollywood & Coastal Elite. Trump knows Main Street & Main Street knows Trump. Hillary the lifelong lying corrupt bitch knew only her families pocket linings. Seriously you need an education on Hollywood & Coastal elites They act for a living and don't really give a sh*t about anything but themselves and looking good.
  • b_jud@virginbandit If your guy won why are you so mad?
  • b_jud@virginbandit It's just kind of ironic though, you folks rejected the coastal elite by electing a rich dude from NYC who has a star on the Walk of Fame in LA...
  • b_jud@virginbandit Sorry, the *"Hollywood & Coastal Elite." I guess I'll just say, don't come complaining to me when you realize Trump played you all for fools.
  • virginbandit@b_jud Seriously where do you think the term "Fly Over States" came from? Morons like Streep & Clinton. Never actually even met Main street America and probably don't even have a clue where all the products on the shelves come from. Magically appear by some directors editing...They got their azz handed to them as they thought they had a "Winner" in Hillary FOR SURE as the entitled morons they are. REJECTED
  • b_jud@virginbandit If you don't now realize Trump *is* a white collar/coastal/Hollywood elite who BSd his way to the White House by exploiting and stirring up the fears of everyday/blue collar white folks, then there's no hope for you.
  • virginbanditLOL Trump didn't BS anyone, Everyone just rejected Hillary knowing she's a warhawk and unethical bitch who got fired from her first job in politics trying to help impeach Nixon. Her unethical lying azz was fired before even Nixon got impeached..That's Karma & Corruption LMAO
  • virginbanditStreep tried to play to an elite crowd of Hillary supporters instead of just accepting the award graciously and she got her azz handed to her by Main Street too. Too Funny.
  • virginbanditLOL couldn't take getting your azz handed to you huh "b-jud"--typical coward sissy ROFL
  • virginbandit@b_jud
  • virginbandit@b_jud Liberals gonna get their azz beat at inauguration if they get out of line. And what were you saying about trump not knowing Main Streetagain??
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