This girl. This girl! 😍 Anyone else got an 8 year old? It's a funny age, isn't it? Tell me I'm not alone!}. PHOTO A DAY | a wall | #fmspad #fms_wall
  • fatmumslimThis girl. This girl! 😍 Anyone else got an 8 year old? It's a funny age, isn't it? Tell me I'm not alone!}. PHOTO A DAY | a wall | #fmspad #fms_wall

  • houseofcinamon👍🏼 @marleneassaad @el_mona_
  • lulufroufrouGive me back babies any day
  • melpeggI have an 8 year old. Love her to bits. Fun fun age.....:)
  • tenfox8 and 9 were tricky for us. 10 has been improving, even though we now have hormones kicking in! 😬
  • three_little_savagesYep, 8 and EVERYTHING is a debate! And I'm silly enough to engage 🙄
  • el_mona_👌🏻 @houseofcinamon
  • hallfam58 year old twin girls. Actually really enjoying this stage. I also have an 11 year old girl. Ummm not enjoying that so much 😩😩 #tweens
  • theprettyperfecterSo true! Lol. Santa realizations, losing the last baby teeth before figuring out the tooth fairy, wit, humor, drama. It's a weird cuspy space between her still being my sweet baby girl and morphing into big kid.
  • laurenb2679Yes it is !! Although as she says she's 'almost 9' 😂 god help me!!
  • steelelmBrilliant age!
  • originalheystefanyI have one turning 8 this June. So much fun.
  • originalheystefany*But we've done the 8yr old girl thing twice before. 😉
  • sam_verricharmedI have an 8 year old girl. It's all kinds of special/nuts/awesome 😊
  • maccawesomeMiss 8 going on 38 here. Had to have lip gloss, hand bag and jewelry on to go to supermarket but later cried like an 8 year old when asked to have a shower..... but once in said shower, wouldn't get out and we lost hot water.... 😲😂❤
  • all4.loveYou're not alone. My boy just turned 9 last week and he cracks me up. Such an in between age, where they're becoming more & more knowledgable...& believe they know everything🙄Also far more dramatic/theatrical than ever before😄
  • stellaplusinkMy boy will be 8 in July (I can't believe I'm even writing that? I swear he was just BORN!) and I'm hoping it's less argumentative/dramatic than 7 has been 😜
  • annamaydeYep! Totally got an eight year old! Definitely am interesting age. Nothing too out there though, she is quite a character! Now my 5 year old...!!!...definitely a total firecracker. Attitude ✔️ wacky sense of humour ✔️ spirited and strong willed ✔️-- got my hands full between these two 😬😉😜
  • deltakappakappaI have two girls of (almost) eight and five year old. Love both ages. Often wish time could stand still. 👭
  • fabienneharelThis is in north bridge! Amazing! Miss perth and its amazing street arts!
  • jlosweeneyMy boy just turned 8. So smart, and funny as can be. We have a lot of fun, and some really good conversations. 😊
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