We saw winter coats at school this morning. Batten down the hatches, it's Florida's 5-hour winter.
  • etstWe saw winter coats at school this morning. Batten down the hatches, it's Florida's 5-hour winter.

  • dburke930A balmy 46 degrees in Tampa. The kids are so confused. And irritated with socks and long sleeves😏
  • miaria06Ha! It was 13 here in Maryland this morning !
  • valentina.pln❤️
  • choosehappy12Cracks me up! We live in MN and last time we went to Disney in January my kids were so confused why people were wearing winter coats everywhere 😳😂
  • aimeekate79South Louisiana -- high of 38 yesterday; high of 77 tomorrow!😩
  • stefneedeeSame in Savannah. It's 49 for the high today and fridays high will be 77.
  • jamiequeenmimiThat is funny
  • susfudWe honeymooned in Fort Lauderdale from MN exactly 8 years ago....always had the pool to ourselves when the temps got down to 50 or 60!
  • jhendricks86We're up to a "toasty" 16 here and I'm still running around with just my hoodie. It always makes me laugh when you see the "IT'S SO COLD" Florida posts when it's in like the 50s or so. Guess we all just get used to certain climates!
  • jaxphI'm in WA where it's reaching low 30s, feels like summer compared to the last couple weeks. Ditched my coat yesterday and today 😉
  • jnferarmao2 degrees in New Jersey this morning while waiting for the school bus. But i love it!!!
  • susy61620 degrees here💨
  • ahtharpeSweet girl!! She is rockin' those curls and that coat! 😍 Also, you gotta love those Southern temps...they can't make up their mind over here in Louisiana.
  • avitalernLol!
  • duphily03Haha! I'm in MA where we just got 18 inches of snow Saturday. 19 degrees here. Was even colder this morning...coming up on 40s/50s this week though, heat wave ☀️😁
  • jncplus3I'm in FL and I totally had my puffy coat on when I dropped the kids off this morning. 😂
  • jenallenfuerteWe are in N Central Florida. It was in the low 30s. Cold for us. My tiny 6 year old had his long johns on under his clothes.
  • ainmag@etst it was -4 here in Maine this morning! It's warm now at 16 degrees!!!
  • kimberlyfaithsinclaireThat's how it is in Louisiana 😕
  • hopelesswithhouseplantsI'm alternating 😂 and 😭 from a snow drift in Michigan.
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