• lollyjaneblogYou guys loved my cozy coastal bedroom I shared earlier so I wanted to show where this basket stays put every day… on my side, of course. (Let’s be honest: if it was on my husband’s side then it would be filled with wrappers or anything BUT throw pillows as those would be on the floor! Haha!) If you remember, I scored this awesome storage solution for less than $20 from @RossDressForLess, my favorite store to nab killer deals that are a fraction of same brands from department stores. When I saw this basket, I knew I had to get it because most items are one-of-a-kind and I didn’t want to miss out on such a bargain!
    #GottaGoToRoss #Ross4Home #sponsored

  • sweettcook628Ross is SO my fave... second to Goodwill of course!!! Looks lovely @ lollyjaneblog
  • susie_harris42What a precious room and great use of that basket❤️❤️
  • salvagesistaLove @rossdressforless
  • heirloom_clothingSo cute!
  • lollyjaneblog@sweettcook628 Yes! We love GW! And DI! 🙌🏼
  • lollyjaneblog@heirloom_clothing @susie_harris42 Thank you friends!! 💕
  • lollyjaneblog@salvagesista Ditto! My wallet loves it TOO much 😝💸
  • capturingjoyblogPillows are on the floor at my house… I hardly ever even make my bed! If I had a cute basket like this, maybe I'd at least keep them in the basket.
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