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  • mariahcareyIn my own words. #NYE #L4L 💖 #thefoilers

  • brendamurocry baby
  • jerogeseLol. U humiliated yourself trying to lip sync through the whole show! Boo hoo the producers, the technical team. Get your shit together woman.
  • king_barry2More like ur played out ur trash and lady Gaga put u to shame
  • gabbypilla@giovanna_pilla @jackiepyne
  • atanaciamShe is beautiful woman and the Best singer of the world
  • flockzcommercialcleaningI love u
  • bobbythee1👑#Mariah no worries carey we know u.
  • joanieongramNo need for excuses when your name is Mariah Carey 😉 it's all good and we're all human. Anyone who truly loved you before, still will, screw the rest!
  • erinbthomp@jbaggett5
  • nellkidOne month later, and you're still a horrible performer. It's by chance I came across this post right now, but not by chance that your an 'excuses' person. You're rubbish
  • jessmahoneylaMhm. Ahahaha. Don't worry b no one gives a shit.
  • cats0338Excusses !!!
  • dmd109It seems like no one here has any idea how stage performing works. The speakers face outward towards the audience, and thousands of fans scream in your direction. Without ear monitors, you would not be able to hear a SINGLE thing. You would have no idea know where you were in the song whatsoever, nor would you be able to hear yourself at all. To try to sing in these conditions would have been a complete disaster. Mariah made the right choice.
  • destinytreckErm all the hater bashing her how much you got in your account your arses mad coz your on foodstamps ,9to 5,your babydaddy left so you triying make ends meet n you here bashing like seriously get a job its not her fault she still got paid even if it went wrong can yal say the same about your jobs. Sit down man reason why shit still the same for you haters its coz your bitter coz you broke.
  • panalove507Your fans love you no matter what
  • sweetlorijeanAlways always we all love you Mariah. ❤
  • nan__cieMy heart broke for you that night!!! It was AWFUL what they did to you and even worse how you were treated afterward! Don't let the haters get you down!!!! I have known you since we were 12 and I'm always in your corner!!! God bless and keep blessing us with your beautiful music! 🎶❤
  • nopicturesplease_Your Mariah Carey you've proved yourself years ago honey we know you can sang girl! Who cares what every body gotta say it's not links you've been fake singing or using someone else's voice. .. ppl baffle me truly
  • peircelouise@erin_willia LMAO
  • baillargeon.11ignore the hate, they don't understand how stage performing works. they wouldn't even have the guts to be on that stage you were on, and they probably wouldn't even make it as far as you!!! your fans are all proud of you. Love you!!!! @mariahcarey
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