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  • mariahcareyIn my own words. #NYE #L4L ๐Ÿ’– #thefoilers

  • vinnmerc@,weizbaker.Ia.If you check out her carpool karoke with James corden.She hardly sang.Did not want to been up all night she sent.I said why don't you want to sing Mariah..?
  • bearsdudeL
  • bobby.bennell@teresapinedo dass it support the queen ๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿ‘‘
  • bobby.bennell@desert__highway shut up
  • yyzjjOh God they hate so bad when you're so fuckin perfect. The performance was perfect baby. you don't have to explain a got damn thing to the ones who love you. not me at least. I saw a professional Diva had a technical difficulty. Lord have mercy that's what the world has become. Mariah I love you. I have loved you for so long. If I even make it half way in the music industry I'm coming for you my darling. Maybe I'll be your guitar/back up vocalist. You do you doll baby and we can't wait to hear and see you again soon. Love JJ
  • yyzjjanyone who plays music on the scale that professional performers do they know what happened baby. all the rest can go jump in a lake. us real musicians know it was just a thing Mariah. these idiots on here trippin acting weird about it. You people better check ya self. Love you Sweet Fantasy Baby
  • wobbly2017You owe it to your fans to be professional and in this instance you should accept your share of the blame in this situation. Stop blaming others for your own unprofessional behaviour. @MariahCarey
  • m_n_m1975But mama, you and your team didn't take all those factors you just mentioned nto consideration? You are one of my faves, so talented! Tone the diva down, FITE YOUR WHOLE ENTIRE YES TEAM, and go back to basics. Back to when you had nothing BUT your talent. Emancipation of Mimi helped me in my life so many times. I pray you can once again grace us with your music, but from the heart...๐Ÿ˜—
  • m_n_m1975*FIRE( not fite)๐Ÿด
  • m_n_m1975.
  • m_n_m19754 reals @wobbly2017
  • xvinny11Queen๐Ÿ˜โค
  • sscostasilvaU are Queen, dont need explanation
  • karlel_Giving blame out and not taking responsibility... you're the performer and should be responsible for a good or bad performance. If it was an epic performance, I doubt you'd give the production team much if any credit.and saying you can't sing live cos they won't hear you is proper bullshit. We have pretty good speakers in the 21st century.. you're a singer. You don't play instruments and I doubt you even write your own songs. Singing is all you're paid for and you're not even doing that. Lipsyncing in itself is pathetic for a professional singer. There should be integrity in singing live.
  • linron1996gmailcomLook Mariah i cannot defend you on this. One admit you handle it completely wrong. Don't get me wrong I absolutely love you ,your music,your new TV show but this New years eve show you might have had problems but you made it worst. Its call the show must go on. You should have pulled out your ear piece and sang your lungs out. You did sing a few notes here and there why not sing the whole song. Its not like you didn't know the words. You say all the noise the this the that but you should be able to sing with your eyes closed. Lip singing was like wtf is she doing. Lip singing is a no no and you know this. You have a bad habit of always being late to everywhere you go cause you think because of who you are its ok to be that way and the people who work for you won't tell you that but come on stop with the excuess that you were done so wrong when weather something was wrong or not you handle it like shit. But I do love you to the moon and back but im keeping it real.
  • linron1996gmailcom@karlel_ i completely agree
  • linron1996gmailcom@wobbly2017 i agree even tho i love her she was wrong and should have sang.
  • linron1996gmailcom@yyzjj baby boy im a singer and that was handle wrong its called the show must go on. pull it out your ear and sing. And honey she wasn't even going to sing she was only going to lip sing. she couldnt even do that. lip singing big no no. But understand i love her but admit when your wrong
  • yyzjjIf they had the wrong music cued up then what was she gonna do?
  • _tr_itsgucciAw Mariah we still love you. Yes some people were disappointed but shit happens. #faithfulfan
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