• hilaryrushfordSneak peak: Starting tomorrow, style is back + in your inbox // When I started a business as a personal stylist, I just knew I was good at shopping on a budget. What I didn't know was the state of women's hearts that would captivate my imagination for what's possible.
    What I found was not a culture of women too obsessed with their looks, fashion or trends ... but concerned with not wanting to be too much, to stand out, to draw attention.
    I found we don't wear too much makeup, we wear too little, complimenting other women on their red lipstick followed immediately with "I could never pull that off"
    We don't care too much about how we look, we've told ourselves to care less; that to protect our hearts we shouldn't admit we desire to be captivating, lovely or beautiful.
    And I found that as a teacher at heart, the style principles I was sharing with savvy successful women were unlocking years of confusion + lacked confidence. I've helped hundreds of women as clients + students, but Dean St is ready for a new season the next 3 years in which we help thousands, tens of thousands, globally.
    The new season begins this month. A new year, new vision of what it means to start your day with more joy + less overwhelm; to walk into first dates or final interviews with more authentic confidence. You're invited ... #AnEducatedStyle #DressJoyfully #StyleAndStyleability [📷 @iheartparisfr]

  • hilaryrushford@carolyntomo aww thanks for sharing love! 😍
  • hilaryrushford@sugarpearlbakerygirl thank you SO much for sharing! I'd be so fascinated to see what happens if you re-explore pants. Not bc they're better or anything. But to see if your vision as an adolescent was perhaps exaggerated; that your shape is perfectly "normal" but seen thru young eyes or a mother's own insecurity we can literally see ourselves differently than other people do. Just food for thought ... ❤️❤️❤️
  • hilaryrushford@3minute_rebel I love thinking back to favorite outfits! Considering why we loved them, how they made us feel, what they said to or about us. Such great insights into ourselves at different ages of growth! ❤️❤️
  • hilaryrushford@stageminded fascinating also the love of a uniform to fit in or the loathe of it to not be able to express your personality ...
  • hilaryrushford@kaitlynhalawani ohmygosh I love this story! 😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️ Such truth!
  • hilaryrushford@hannahmosborn love that you came to that realization at such a young age Hannah! ❤️❤️
  • hilaryrushford@anniekipstyle 😘😘
  • hilaryrushford@alexisthegreek oh lady, so much empathy. The stories I've heard in S&S ... we just all have those don't-fit-in stories + they have such power even as adults. ❤️❤️❤️
  • hilaryrushford@goingonanadventureblog thanks miss! 😘😘
  • katiehalawani@stageminded lol the single leg warmer!!! I totally did this to try and be cool like the older girls while totally not getting why you would only wear one 🙄
  • emergency_mascaraI was the skin tight Chic jeans that I had to lie down to get zipped--today--today I have an inner rock child--tatted to the hilt-spiky hair-crazy boho style locked inside a little round woman. I look more like a frauline than a rock and roller. BUT, I'm working on it. Bring on the ink. just kidding. no ink for me.
  • sugarpearlbakerygirl@hilaryrushford I promise, that thanks to your encouragement, I will go and try on some different types of pants sometime in the near future. I can't guarantee I'll like them, since I only officially gave them up only about eight years ago, but I CAN promise to keep a positive and open mind! Thank you! I excited to read the upcoming style emails! 😘💛
  • renehaderThis looks great, thank you!
  • cakedaydreamsI am so looking forward to looking at my wardrobe with fresh eyes 💕 x
  • renee.brookeGreat shoes? Where did you find them..and the coat..lovely, where is that from to?
  • beauty_with_hennaThe colour of that coat is one that I've been obsessing lately! Looking forward to dig into style and styleability and learning to make the best of what I've got and building my confident own style!!
  • choosingcelebration:) @estherlohner
  • ziemer_bridgetteCan those shoes be found somewhere today? #shoeenvy
  • topknotsandmuscleteesfeed with pops of color @energybyerica
  • amnaartstudiosigh..I need this dress in my life 😍
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