• followyourheartStop using those disposable bags! Only take regular paper bags if you plan on reusing them for groceries, compost, recycling or craft project! Also, now is the time to sign up for @zerowasteguy's 30 day #ZeroWaste Challenge! Visit his page for more info. #sustainablesundays

  • dbundman82@neilvolz Here's some ideas for you guys. 😊
  • shinyclefairyI try to take my totes with me when I know I'm going grocery shopping, but when I forget or make an impromptu run, I get the paper bags and use them for paper recycling! 💕
  • lilyvonshtupppShade 😹
  • evasin93@dianagx3
  • nanabanana1013I wish every state would just get rid of plastic bags. I've hear excuses from people saying how they always forget to bring reusable bags but trust me, if it is your only option, you won't forget. I do my main shopping at Aldi and they don't provide bags(unless purchased). Plus I bought really beautiful bags from world market. And they can support more weight which means less bags. There are so many benefits. And if you do use plastic please remember so many stores have recycling bins just for them. Both Walmart and Sprouts Farmers Market has them.
  • ohhsunnydays@nanabanana1013 I live in San Diego and they ban plastic bags. I have a ton of reusable bags at home and still forget it like everyone else so I end up holding my groceries out haha
  • nanabanana1013Oh geez lol. Maybe set a reminder on your phone for the day you go shopping if its always the same day? I've seen people at Aldi load up their trucks haha @ohhsunnydays
  • ohhsunnydays@nanabanana1013 I write my grocery list on my phone so I put a reminder on there. So far so good👍🏼
  • nanabanana1013@ohhsunnydays I was gonna say list but I forget that all the time lol
  • disneyprincesstinkMy one problem, why I don't see how I can ever have zero waste, is that I own cats, and foster many. Right now there are 12 in my house. 4 need meds and fluids. And I work, get up everyday between 5 and 5:30, done and home by 7-8, depending. We try, but zero waste in my house doesn't seem feasible.
  • zerowasteguyThanks for the regram! DM or tag me if you have any zero waste questions.
  • kateschumakerWish trader joes would carry your products!! or private label them!!
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