Cahoots brand getting its own script, lucky! 👌
  • focuslabllcCahoots brand getting its own script, lucky! 👌

  • monstertruckagencyAwesome!
  • rohmanalsaputronice 😄
  • theworleyThe guys in Phoenix!?
  • bskeneHow do that split screen in Illustrator?? Like is it updating it on the right as you change it on the left?
  • philisboaNice
  • aidancornhill@bskene yeah I'd like to know too. It's like smart objects in Ps. Is there this functionality in Ai?
  • oatemeal@aidancornhill @bskene what's up guys! This is a little trick I picked up from the legend Neil Secretario @neilsecretario. He has a post on his Instagram that has a video of him working in this format. But yes your correct Bryan, moving things on either side up dates the other. So when you have your Ai file open, go to Window >New Window and that will create a duplicate of that document you're working in. This is perfect for working on things like lettering where you can work in outline mode and see the changes happen in real time without having to toggle back and forth. Hope this helps guys! 🤘
  • bskene@oatemeal thanks man!!! Amazing and thank you @neilsecretario
  • aidancornhill@oatemeal yes! thanks for that.
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