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  • gossmakeupartistNew video on YouTube - gossmakeupartist - bake-touring. Biggest makeup trend for 2017! Watch the full video on YouTube!

  • normam60@madcallister hi thanks for explaining this to me,I appreciate it.
  • laetitiaestrellaLol. That's bloody brilliant!
  • michaeljbooker💕
  • fashionupinfluencerwow !
  • touba_tg🔮💎visit my page🎨🍃💕
  • a.mere.illusionthis is like a horror movie for me lol being a dewy skin lover, I wouldn't even dream of applying that much powder on my face... I only apply a thin layer to set concealer and on the areas where I'm gonna apply powder blush and bronzer, and I wish I was able to skip that too!!! let alone doing this lol
  • dylanskyartistryThought this was a phenomenon lol
  • yuliyozhi😂😂😂👍👍👍
  • y4zz4What would be a good powder to use to do this?
  • simplescapes76My hairdresser and I were cracking up talking about this video, oh gosh when u put the hightlighter on ur nose I almost died. I know on ur YouTube u asked about these types of things, in a 40 yr old trying to rediscover makeup and it's really overwhelming and sorting through so much information. Little tips and the basics are helpful. Anyways I think older women (I'm choosing the noninvasive aging route) are overlooked and not represented enough, oh well thanks again for the laughs people laughing are always beautiful
  • bunny19116Do you have any plans to visit Dubai.I really want to learn from you.
  • bunny19116I m totally confuse between concealer n highlighter for under eye.Whats the sequence of applying.I gave sunken under eye due to my glasses.Please help
  • 0ti0tiYour channel is the very reason how I learned how to do my own make up like the real way, natural and beautiful flawless looking not with these stupid Instagram trends. You are my inspiration!! Thank you Wayne !!! For opening my eyes!!! Forever a fan! And ur recommendations are spot on!
  • anthonysiradzeI agree with everything in this video 😂😂💕
  • michellemichela_romeWhen I lived in Mexico last year, I would bake my entire face!!! The house I stayed in had no A/C and it made me sweat like crazy! So baking my whole face was the only option I had so my makeup wouldn't melt off! Lol
  • shrima_@georgiaquantrellcousins
  • glamkisses_shanise😂
  • eden_la_belleSexiness overload!!!!! 😍😍😍
  • angelyns_things@gossmakeupartist hey hun love this! I cannot stand baking under my eyes I'm 36 and have fine lines and instagram undereye concealing does nothing for me! What do you recommend to get a nice finish under the eye for the 35+ out there? 😘
  • getitgirlartistry@gossmakeupartist Your videos are incredibly packed with knowledge and tips! You are truly a pro in all senses of the word. Thank you for teaching and inspiring people like myself and doing what you do. 💚🙏⭐
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