Having a carpenter in the family means still getting handmade cedar hope chests. My grandfather made Hailey's whole week.
  • thebloggessHaving a carpenter in the family means still getting handmade cedar hope chests. My grandfather made Hailey's whole week.

  • optimamagistraLucky
  • entropygrlI still treasure the pieces my Dad made for my girls. Cost racks and bookcases. And when they moved to NYC, a small desk just perfect for ridiculously small apartments. He is still with us, but his carpentry days are behind him now.
  • ewmcguireIt's beautiful! What a treasure.
  • tuatara_cdaThat's one thing grandparents are for!
  • jspilker42"Grandpa was a carpenter/ he built houses, stores and banks..."
  • carolinagirl0828Beautiful piece for a beautiful girl. (Plus it doubles as a place to sleep when she joins the Ladyhood of Vampires.)
  • yknotbMy hope chest is from China. It has Cloisonne panels & a massive lock. I bought it from a sea captain
  • ooohclayAwesome! I love wooden chests, and I love that she still gets in there like my 7 & 4 yo kids (I really hope they'll keep doing these kind of things forever!)
  • bluestarchannelingI would climb in there, too!
  • vjh1007is there a whole world in there like in Fantastic Beasts?
  • froggi1005I love that she hopped in, that's exactly what I'd do. It must smell amazing!
  • read.write.reviewLove it! I still have my mom's. 😊
  • jenboo22Before I saw your caption I was wondering why she was in a coffin. Thought maybe she had also joined the Ladyhood of Vampires
  • caratndAKA The best hide & seek spot ever
  • c_j_berrySo amazing !
  • dave.blanchard.96I know that your Daughter is amazingly clever and exceptionally creative; but that is the worst "Thing" Addams cosplay I have ever seen. (Bet her Wednesady is spot on).
  • kathymaymNot even kidding I just searched for a cedar chest and then I go in google and of course there are ads in the sidebar about chest on amazon which I always find freaky and a bit wow my computer is stalking me I should Snowden this bitch and get off the grid....but I like Facebook too much and the jump to instagram and BOOM 💥 you have a post about a cedar chest! Tell me that's not spooky!!! Ok next im@going to search chocolate cats.....lets see what you post ( haha just kidding but still spooky right, that's big brother to a whole new level!) love to ya❤
  • eatlikeatreatVery nice 😀
  • annalisabellMy boyfriend went to the barber a couple days ago and asked what In thought the pomade they used smelled like and I said cedar. He said he didn't know what that smelled liked. "What kind of childhood did you have?!"
  • juleababsI have a cedar chest that's around 200 years old. It's gorgeous, and looking through it is like taking a trip back through history: my baby clothes, and my children's, Halloween costumes that were my mom's when she was little, quilts that my great-great grandmother made, and my favorite: my great-great-great aunt and uncle's wedding clothes, her dress and underthings and his military uniform. It's all so gorgeous and full of history! ❤
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