• instawithalex✖️LINKS✖️
    If you haven't noticed already, Instagram is pretty stingy about the amount of clickable links it gives their users.. In fact, we each get just ONE 😱
    ★Compared to other social platforms, Instagram allows just a fraction of what others would, so we need to make sure we're taking advantage of that one and only link we get. So, what are you linking to? Are you making the most of it?
    ★I suggest linking to something that will help further your relationship with your audience.. Maybe that's a free opt in that puts them on your email list (like the free course I offer in my bio!), or a specific blog post that shows off your expertise, or maybe even a product you're selling right now..
    ★Remember that whatever you link to, don't forget to remind your audience to check it out! Most users view your content in their feed, rather than from your profile and can potentially miss the awesome content you're linking to.
    👆🏻So, tell me, what are you linking to, and WHY?
    📸: @gunhild.kristiansen83
    #immtribe #instagramtips #linkinbio

  • lifedecidedI gotta work on this
  • hazelhaven@instawithalex ooh yay happy to have you lady!
  • lightcapturer_com@instawithalex a good reminder
  • uncoveryourjoyI'm linking to my shop so that people can go, see and perhaps buy what I make - of they like it 😊
  • heels_matterA great reminder, thank you🖒
  • tiana.jewelI'm currently linking to my depop shop whilst my website is having a makeover!!
  • sally_jane.smithLove a good link😊😀😃
  • stevenepprechtLiking to my blog page
  • clarissaawilsonI'm linking to my current freebie right now.
  • magdaayukRight now, the link goes to an article I wrote.
  • sugarmoonbloomGreat tip! I can't wait until website and blog are up so I can start to do this!
  • creativeboxnzWhoops better go take a look 😉
  • donnareedinbluejeansI've got my one link! 😊
  • clarityiscrucialThanks for the reminder, currently linking to a freebie opt in gift but I'll be updating that soon ✨💯✨
  • hayley.pepperMaking use of the most important link. Nice post.
  • higgsmith_knitsI've got my shop link :)
  • martaraptisThere's a new app that solves that problem and lets you have multiple links! I'm totally hooked on @linktr.ee 😁
  • marbiastudiosOh I which they would give us two!
  • universalsmmAwesome page!
  • loveamyskinIm linking to my free facial massage tutorials!
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