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  • farahdhukai✨DIY 24K GOLD MASK for $6 per use✨
    🤓A lot of you ask me to DIY and test expensive skincare and treatments that youve seen on instagram/celebs/tv.. so heres my 1st DIY of 2017!🎊
    24K GOLD SHEETS: $10.99
    ROSEHIP SEED OIL: $7.48 (u can use any oil, this is just my fav)
    TOTAL COST TO DIY: $18.47 for 3 TIME USE which = ~$6 per use
    💸COST TO BUY THIS MASK FROM A BRAND: $75 -$300 for 1-2 time use
    💰COST AT A SPA: $380-770 per treatment
    ✌🏾I tested this mask TWICE to see if its worth spending $ on, if it REALLY does anything, or if it just looks cool and lets you be cleopatra for a day, and if its easy to apply….
    Instagram VS Real Life = big difference😭

    1️⃣TEST #1
    Apply oil to face
    Apply gold to face with the paper its on. DONT touch it otherwise its a waste/fail
    Leave on 30 mins - gently rub in with oil (without using oil it jus balls up and flakes off)

    2️⃣TEST #2
    -it doesnt stick as well onto a clean face
    -it does NOT rub into your skin without the help of an oil or moisturizer. -it looks great as a real 24k gold POPPIN highlight on top of makeup but if youre using it for skincare, you have the RUB TF out of ur face to get it off and that just defeats the purpose, cuz rubbing = sagging/aging skin
    😱RESULTS: the Oil/Serum is what gives you a glow/hydrated skin. The gold looks cool ASF but its VERY hard to work with and you have to have cat like reflexes in order to not ruin the gold leaf and make it go to waste. I literally had to hold my breath at times so the leaf wouldnt fold and fly away.
    TBH It looks cool on the gram but cool is as good as it gets cuz the gold leaf is not very effective on its own cuz of how hard it is to apply 😔 If you REALLY want to try the gold leaf facial, do yourself a favour and save a TON of money and just buy the gold leaf off amazon. *Make sure its edible gold leaf and its 23k gold or higher*
    ps. dont eat it, its edible but it tastes like what it is: METAL.
    ❤️LIKE dis vid 2 see more like this and leave suggestions below on what you'd like to see DIY'd next!👇🏽

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  • avantika_balkaranHow does putting this gold on ur face benefit ur skin?
  • atillaoztkIs this haram @mert__101 🤔
  • mckennaautemShe specifically said that the gold trend is all hype and that it didn't do anything for her skin. Love you Farah your DIYs are the best and I love trying them 💘💘
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  • skinofbThis is a dream 😍
  • karinachavirahernandezYou didn't even do it right. It clearly says on the packaging, do not touch with your fingers.
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