We have ignition 😉Go to tomtorero.com
  • tomtoreroWe have ignition 😉Go to tomtorero.com

  • rhysmasonn@tomtorero Hey Tom, best of luck with Stealth Seduction. Hope it takes off for you. Went daygaming today, did around 25 approaches with 2 number closes. Got a nice little group of daygamers now in the Midlands. Would love to come to one of your UK meetups and game with you in the day. Hope to catch you in 2017. All the best, Rhys.
  • warkmalshWell done mate
  • tomtorero@rhysmasonn nice one Rhys, hope you smash it in 2017 👍🏻
  • tomtorero@warkmalsh Cheers sir
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