Took these two out today... In summary, I can't wait to get a Contax - M mount adapter
  • 35mmcblogTook these two out today... In summary, I can't wait to get a Contax - M mount adapter

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  • foxkoitCool
  • barjo4The Soviets took the Zeus tooling and made their own crude copies of the Contax cameras
  • 35mmcblogThey aren't as crude as the Leica copies @barjo4 - this is as close as dammit in quality to my Contax
  • barjo4Then you got lucky, as the real Contax 11a like mine, was delicate compared to my Leica M cameras. Any Russian copy of Zeiss 2 1/4 cameras will likely require overhaul to work properly. There used to be a company in NY that specialized in Kiev cameras.
  • maxschlorffAlways liked that Olympus, had it in the pocket of my cycling shirt to point and shoot while riding. Now my 6yo son takes funny pictures with it
  • joe.von@maxschlorff that's what I use mine for, I keep it in the hip pocket of my bag for easy access while cycling.
  • deafburglar@35mmcblog Yep, my Kiev-4A (1969) feels super solid, super smooth and fit and finish are above any criticism. Completely different from the various FED and Zorki "Leica copies" I've used. To tell you the truth, the only FSU camera I really enjoy using, in fact I just ordered a Helios-103 (new old stock) to compare with the J-8 it came with originally. How did you like it in actual use?
  • kollimatornNice hack on the Kiev B-)
  • kollimatornBtw, glad to see positive talk about the rangefinder Kievs (all mine have been broken, glad to have a Contax now)
  • skullcatcher_The mju is in awesome conditionI can see!:)
  • dcaffotoThose zeiss copy lenses are really great!
  • dcaffotoAnd yours is a real zeiss!
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