Smells as pretty as it looks! This lavender soap is handmade with only natural and sustainable ingredients. For the longest time I thought bar soaps were too drying for my skin, then I stared making my own and now it's all I use! Conventional soaps often contain drying preservatives and harsh synthetic fragrance additives that rob skin of moisture. These soaps contain nothing but nourishing oils and butters and we infuse them with healing botanicals and soothing clays. @andrew_gammaray and I never use palm oil or butter as we don't feel they're sustainable (even when they're certified as such). Palm oil is everywhere-from cookies to makeup to most soap products and is embroiled in controversy from rainforest destruction to labour rights issues. 
To build a better world let's shop better, avoid harmful ingredients, support ethical companies and let's make more things, yes?
If you want to learn how to make your own handmade soaps, come join us in one of our DIY classes!
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