This is the National Library of Belarus, in #Minsk, pictured sometime between midnight and 1am last night. Factoring in wind-chill, the temperature was around minus 35°C. 
The locals seem to think I’m mad, wandering alone at night in the snow, dragging a bag full of camera gear about. And they might be right. The worst thing of all, is that night photography like this involves pressing lots of small buttons on the camera… so I can’t even wear my gloves while I’m doing it.

PS. I’m in Brest now, right on the border – I’m looking at Poland through the window. It’s about 5 degrees warmer here, and first thing tomorrow I’m off to visit the Hero Fortress. Before that though, I’m having a cosy night in and looking up ‘frostbite symptoms’ on Google.

Photograph by Darmon Richter / The Bohemian Blog
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