• abhiandnow"Sorry, just solo traveller issues," she said as I clicked her picture, after seeing her failing to do it on her own, using the pepper sprinkler as a stand.
    It was something I had suffered from on my trips too, which always ended with only rare pictures of me. And this gave way to conversations related to solo-travelling on a cold, cold afternoon at Illiterati, where she struggled with finishing her nutella waffle and I was struggling with sitting at one place for too long as temperatures kept dropping.
    "But I've a bus to catch in few hours, can we return before that?"
    After few minutes of conversations, we were on our way to one of my most favourite trails in our region, as she wondered if we'd make it in time for her bus.
    And I saw her stumbling every now and then, as she walked on a slushy trail with snow around us while we passed a group of tourists having a snow fight, a monk with rainbow umbrella, a family arguing about what to do next, and made our way into the quieter part of the woods, which then lead us to this relatively hidden monks' settlement with a beautiful stupa surrounded by a forest decked with prayer flags.
    And we walked, talking about our travelling experiences, about shepherds of mountains, about our treks, our lives, and beauty of the region, and I saw her gaping at this mystical part of the forest while I stared at her walking through the snowy trail, and wondered how amazing it is to sometimes do things on an impulse, to just meet people and share our stories with them. And to just be, somewhere in the mountains.
    "Yes, I arrived here in the morning and leaving in the evening. I just packed my office work and ran away, because I felt like doing this," said Zina, before we decided to leave for this walk while sitting at Cafe Illiterati.
    Best thing about her was that when I shared half of my chocolate during the hike, she refused.

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