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  • beautypulselondonMrs Michelle Obama.

    You have been such an inspiration and role model for Black women across the world.
    Intelligent Black women who are told 'rein in' their intellect in order to appease the expectations (or lack thereof) of others.
    Dark skinned Black women whom have been told directly and indirectly that their beauty is inferior.
    You have demonstrated grace and poise in the face of the fiercest (and unwarranted) criticism by those whom despised JUST for being Black.
    Your speeches have transformed a generation. Your elegance and fashion sense added billions to the US economy. Your hugs seemed genuine and not forced. You have made a real difference and have given the world quotes that will be used for years to come.
    You were chosen to make history 'for a time such as this'. .
    Your presence on my TV screen, on the cover of magazines and in the social media sphere affirmed my own worth and place in society.
    I will miss your presence at the White House, but I know your next phase in life will be just as, if not more remarkable.
    Thank you.

    #MichelleObama #sundaythoughts #inspiration

  • missbrowngotaroundAmen!!! #tookthewordsoutofmymind #sayirlo
  • missbrowngotaround#goals @beautypulselondon 👌😍
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