As I sat by the fire this New Year’s Eve contemplating my word of intention for 2017, I struggled for a moment to capture the essence of how I want to feel in one word. After much contemplation with @lisafield12, the word landed, and it is “freedom.” When I launched Last Cut last year, I wrote, “Last Cut is a book project about those big life decisions {last cuts} made to bring us closer to living truth and more freedom. I believe freedom comes when we identify, honor and live by our personal truth.” That is the point. We ask the questions, commit to the truth, and take action to line up who we are on the inside with the life we are living out in the world. When our internal and external worlds are congruent, we feel greater freedom. This freedom starts on the inside and radiates out into world. {Link in bio to full essay} #ownyourscars #lastcut {Thank you, @sammymourabit for making me feel so at ease and free.} {{Photo by @lisafield12 #behindthescenes at @equinox shoot}}
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