Even our laundry is getting smart #CES2017
  • cesofficialEven our laundry is getting smart #CES2017

  • miketanyamurphySorry to be a troll but brief snippets of info would be nice for your posts. What makes this set smart? Does it connect to Wifi? Automatically switch clothes to the dryer via side doors?
  • kevinwayne007Nice
  • nobadreplyLol! Good one @miketanyamurphy I had a smart set and about 5months after warranty expired, they started crapping out. It wasn't whirlpool brand. Was Samsung... go figure. They really didn't seem to was well like to traditional units. Since then I've switched back to the old school mechanical/simple timer units of the 80s/90s. They just work and cost little to nothing to fix is something breaks. (Not trolling,just stating what my experience was with smart washer and dryer)
  • stonedbassheadYes please more things that need the wifi that never works
  • enxovaldobebenoseuaOlha que lindas @mimosdagina
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