ALL WE NEED IS LOVE || SUCH A BEAUTIFUL WORD • NEW COLLECTION NOT TOO FAR AWAY ✌🏼 #love #saintvalentine #iconic #designer #childrenswear #knitted #fredbare #fred
  • fredbarekidsALL WE NEED IS LOVE || SUCH A BEAUTIFUL WORD • NEW COLLECTION NOT TOO FAR AWAY ✌🏼 #love #saintvalentine #iconic #designer #childrenswear #knitted #fredbare #fred

  • jaymiefaberNice!
  • mummaleeapYay!!!
  • mummaleeapWill you be doing boys 14? My son needs new jeans and I've been holding off waiting to buy so I can get yours! He's still squeezing in to his 10s but they're waaay to tight now 😂😂😂😂😂
  • fredbarekids@mummaleeap OH so nice to hear from you and that you're still squeezing your son into size 10 !!! Fred jeans are the best fit and my son always got comments on them .It's a bit of a long story but I had 2 years off and now back with the original Fred beautiful team. We would love to make up to size 14 again but we need lots of quantity to make the factory minimums. Thank you for reaching out and I hope we can grow the size range very soon
  • fredbarekids@fredbarekids @mummaleeap not quite finished yet... thanks so much and we will keep you up to date on how the sizing progresses. ✌🏼FRED x
  • mummaleeapI hope so too. I've been struggling to find any brands that are half the quality of Fred Bare! Honestly, what I bought for my first went through my 3 boys and still looks better then clothes I bought last month. I hope you get the brand back up to its former glory. ❤❤❤
  • fredbarekids@mummaleeap Thanks again for you kind words. You made our day 🙏💕👖👖👖👖x
  • moodie_maddie❤️ love ❤️
  • ochrecashmereGreat feed!
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