Name swap! @rochelle_new is now @homerowfiberco. This is not a rebrand, but simply a more meaningful name for something I’ve always been working towards. You can read the full blog post at but here's an excerpt of how I came up with the name...
"Home Row Fiber Co has both a literal and deeper figurative meaning. Home and Row refer to rows of knitting and stitching done at home, but it’s also a play on the familiar typing term 'Home Row' – the place you return to when you’re lost and need to reset. Fiber Company has a literal meaning of a business involving fabric and wool but the bigger meaning comes from our moral fiber and the company we keep, and how that brings us all together as Makers under a common purpose."
Fear not, my personal blog (Lucky Lucille) will continue to exist as a support and extension of Home Row. I will continue to post personal projects and WIPs regularly there. If you're following me here already you can expect very little change as far as the content of my photos. Much will stay exactly the same. The difference is there's now a bigger picture and bigger purpose for myself and what I'm most passionate about.
💖💖💖 #homerowfiberco #homerowhomemade
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